Aug 15, 2012


Pada minggu terakhir Dewan Rakyat bersidang (21-28 Jun 2012) PKR telah membawa satu ucapan penangguhan berkenaan kes Scorpene. Jadi sebelum ia menjadi isu, baik pula kita telek siapa yang membawa isu Scorpene ini. Dan sebagaimana yang kita sedia tahu bahawa kes ini di bawa oleh SUARAM suatu NGO yang tak NGO yang lebih banyak kontroversi daripada Scorpene itu sendiri. Di bawah ini adalah beberapa petikan mengenai siapa SUARAM sebenarnya. Jadi Jelaslah bahawa SUARAM adalah bukan NGO tetapi adalah satu cabang gerak saraf PKR. …………………………………………………………………………………………………. Scorpene: Suaram Is Controlled by PKR SUARAM, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was established by the family of former ISA detainees where they were those who had threatened the country’s security, often portray the organization as something that is transparent, independent and that they would fight for human rights and justice. It was established on August 5, 1989 right after Operasi Lalang with its main objective which is to abolish ISA for those who were denied the rights to be tried. But, as to a rational and smart Malaysian in analyzing information, SUARAM us an organization that fights to ensure that the country would be open to danger by providing rights, time and space for criminals or terrorists to operate. And as Malaysians, SUARAM is just another one of the opposition’s shadow, or to be more specific, PKR and DAP, in hopes to bring down the government. SUARAM is never transparent, independent and they certainly do not fight for justice or the rights of anyone. SUARAM is only fighting for the opposition’s political agenda who are objected to a republican nation, liberal mindset and not to just destroy special rights, but also everything that has to do with Islam and the Malay culture. This can be seen when this NGO somehow went too much in creating the issue as if the issue of the Scorpene submarines were tried in France Court. it began with SUARAM making complaints in France Court regarding DCN, which is a submarine-maker company of the country, saying that the company had given bribes to another company, Perimekar Sdn Bhd from Malaysia. The complaint was then exaggerated with lies saying that the Prime Minister and his wife were involved in the murder of Altantuya who was charged as the translator during the trading procedure of Scorpene. Altantuya was said to have been killed because she asked for a little part from the bribe. From there, SUARAM also played the story saying that the PM will be be given subpoena by the court of France. All the ‘details’ about the case were spread by SUARAM through series of press conferences, few of them include those between May 3 and May 26 recently. However, we need to keep in mind that up until today, the information regarding this case has only been given from SUARAM and their lawyers without any presence of evidence. Their statements were then taken by bloggers and opposition leaders as concrete evidence, as if it was already decided by the judges, which was then ‘fed’ to the minds of Malaysians. The government had made a smart response by not saying much about this matter. Instead, the PM had gone under oath, in an Islamic manner, denying the charge and he gave an appropriate response in the Dewan Rakyat. The government needs to take a careful measure so that it would not cause any harm to court procedures which is said by the SUARAM, going under progress in France. SUARAM is the only one who cannot wait for the result from the court so that they could spread yet many more statements. SUARAM’s exuberance in this issue is simply hard to be understood. Considering that they are the opposition and the opposition is SUARAM, so it should be obvious that the General Election is coming soon because they are getting more and more exited lately. The evidence saying that SUARAM is actually the opposition is not that hard to see. Just look at the list of important people in the NGO, and we could see they they are also important people in the opposition coalition in Malaysia. Few of them include: 1. Cynthia Gabriel is the Director of SUARAM and appears to be leading the SUARAM Scorpene probe. The Selangor state government, run by Pakatan Rakyat, appointed Gabriel as a municipal councillor in the Petaling Jaya City Council; 2. Dr. Kua Kia Soong is a former DAP Member of Parliament; 3. Sivarasa Rasiah is a PKR Member of Parliament of Subang, Petaling; 4. Irene Fernandez is a PKR supreme council member; 5. Dr. Syed Husin Ali is the former Deputy President of PKR; 6. Tian Chua is the PKR Member of Parliament for Batu; 7. S. Arutchelvan is the Secretary-General of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia, which works closely with PKR; 8. Dr. Nasir Hashim is the President of Parti Sosialis Malaysia, which works in close alliance with the Pakatan Rakyat coalition; 9. Elizabeth Wong is a former Coordinator for SUARAM. She is now a PKR state assembly member in Selangor; 10. Pramesh Chandran works for Malaysiakini and is close friends with Tian Chua. The two were members of the Network of Overseas Students Collective of Australia together with Elizabeth Wong. The conclusion is, SUARAM do not have evidence in linking the PM in the murder case of Altantuya. SUARAM also do not have the evidence where bribery did occur during the purchase of Scorpene. But, we have the evidence where SUARAM do not act as an independent body because they are just the shadow of the opposition where they only want to bring down the government. Thus, it is not a surprise that SUARAM would not hesitate to lie, twist or even create stories about the corruption and murder just to fulfil their objective. ................................................................................................................................... Submarines: Who Is Funding SUARAM To Lie? A straight-forward purchase of military assets has never before been politicized in a way the SUARAM did with the scorpene submarines. The submarines case ‘emerged’ again in Bangkok recently, when SUARAM made a press statement to brief on the progress of the investigation by the French. Admitting that the case sounded like a Hollywood spy thriller, SUARAM continued to precede the court, calling the government corrupt and the Prime Minister, a murderer! The judge said that the investigations will not complete in 2-3 years, so why can’t SUARAM just sit still and wait for the verdict? Why the press conference? Why the publicity? Why now? In talking about the case, one must have a fair knowledge of SUARAM’s background. With the General Election around the corner, the motive of SUARAM in bringing back the dead is clear. SUARAM is an NGO that has been highly critical of the government. This is understandable as it was formed by families of ISA detainees. In other words, it was formed out of grudges, vandettas, revenge and it breathes on unsettle scores with the government. And working with the oppositions is the best way to revenge the government. SUARAM claimed to have gained full privileged access to the 153 investigation papers from the public prosecutor’s office and now selectively briefing the people from the list. It is obvious that SUARAM is trying to portray itself as an independent board that has the power to determine justice. Whereas, in this case, SUARAM is just a plaintiff a.k.a the complainant who has no right to draw conclusion as whether corruption did occur, what more link it to murder. Therefore, as a responsible organization with no hidden or evil agenda, it is only best and sensible for SUARAM to let the case proceed ‘peacefully’ in court. But SUARAM just can’t sit still. They need to tarnish the government’s image and smear the PM’s name in order to help the opposition gain some political mileage, up till the election. Should their lies be exposed later after the election, then be it. Right now, the SUARAM is determined to continue lying that the PM or his wife had murdered Altantuya, a Mongolian model cum an interpreter and a mistress, who asked for her part of the commission from the scorpene’s transactions. But their lies have already been exposed. The original ‘hollywood spy thriller’ script has been scrapped-off by the writer himself, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK). In an interview, RPK exposed how he made-up the hearsay story, as ordered by some parties in the oppositions. The script was also way too dramatic that it failed to tally with the facts. The facts remained that at the time of the murder, the PM was attending a ‘buka puasa’ program in Kedah while his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah had a separate ‘buka puasa’ program with the orphanage in Tabung Haji, Kuala Lumpur. There are video, pictures and alibis to confirm that Datin Seri Rosmah was never at the crime scene, as written by RPK, in his original script. The PM didn’t know Altantuya, and that’s a fact too. The badly ‘doctored-picture’ by Tian Chua, Vice President of PKR showing them together, is in itself a proof of lie made by the oppositions. To stress the fact that he didn’t know the girl, the PM was more than ready to swear in the name of Allah, as according to the Islamic procedures – and he did, not once, but 4 times. No Muslims in their right minds would swear in the name of Allah should they are not truly innocent. The Malaysian court not only could not find anything to connect the PM or the wife with the murder but there were also no commissions or an Interpreter ever mentioned in the murder trial. This is because, Altantuya was not an interpreter as there was no interpreter needed in the scorpene’s transactions since all conversations and documentations are in proper English. So, looking at it all, it is no doubt that Scorpene and Altantuya’s life was nothing but a political game for the Oppositions…and SUARAM too. In their statement, SUARAM claimed to have gained full privileged access to the 153 investigation papers from the public prosecutor’s office and now selectively briefing the people from the list. It is obvious that SUARAM is trying to portray itself as an independent board that has the power to determine justice. Whereas, in this case, SUARAM is just a plaintiff a.k.a the complainant, who has no right to draw conclusion as whether corruption did occur, what more link it to murder. Nevertheless, SUARAM admitted that they can’t take any evidence outside of France and that the briefing was based on no hard evidence, but their words alone. Well, we have heard enough of their words and the more we hear, the fishier it becomes. How do we take words from the families of the people who were caught under ISA – most probably for potentially imposing danger to national security? How do we take words from the people who are full of hatred and grudges? How do we take their words when most of their words have been proven to be lies? In scrutinizing SUARAM’s motive, we must agree that grudges alone do not generate money. So, where does SUARAM get all the money to hire two highly paid French lawyers, namely Joseph Breham and William Bourdon to represent them? Are they paid by the hour, like most western and european lawyers are? Note that these lawyers were taken to Malaysia and then Bangkok just for publicity purposes. And how many of SUARAM’s officers are there in France to monitor the case, and for how long? Who paid for their travelling expenses, lodging, meals, refreshments, documentations? …And how much? We know that SUARAM is small organization, almost unknown to ordinary Malaysians. How can they afford all these? I’m sure, by now everybody would agree that it is beginning to look like SUARAM is the one should be under trial, not our government.